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What Is Premises Liability?

Call a personal injury attorney after an accident in Merrick, Brooklyn and Queens, NY

Premises liability is when you're injured while on someone else's property lawfully. When the property owner's negligence caused the accident, the owner is liable for your injuries. If any unsafe conditions on a property leads to a slip and fall or other accident resulting in an injury, you need to call the Law Offices of Richard M. Levy P.C as soon as possible. We will help you build a premises liability case.

You want to hire a personal injury lawyer who's experienced and takes time to understand your legal situation. We want to fight to increase your chances of receiving the maximum compensation for your injuries, so call today to discuss your premises liability case. Our offices are located in Merrick and Queens, NY.

Do you have a premises liability case?

There are a few elements of a premises liability case that we'll need to determine. In order to build a strong case, we'll need to prove that the property owner's negligence caused your injury. We'll need to address questions, such as:

  • Were you on the property lawfully?
  • Was the property owner aware of a dangerous property condition?
  • Did the property owner fail to improve the property's condition?

If you suffered injuries due to the negligence of a property owner, contact the Law Offices of Richard M. Levy P.C in Queens and Merrick, NY.